Corpse Dust


Made from the crushed remains of sapient creatures and imbued with necromantic potency, corpse dust marks the target with death. The target has got one foot in the grave. If a character who inhales corpse dust is killed within 10 turns, the character returns to life the next turn as an undead thrall.

There is no save against corpse dust.

Targets marked with death have the following afflictions, all are permanent:

After 1 month:
-2 on all saves vs death effects
the character is inflicted by low grade fevers and aches

After 2 months:
-2 to handle animal checks
the character ceases having fevers and aches, but their complexion becomes paler and develop an aura that animals pick up on causing them unease.

After 3 months:
-5% to stabilize rolls
wounds no longer heal quite the same way they used to, they fester and scar easily
all healing spells and effects do one less point per die (minimum of 1)
+4 bonus to saves against diseases

After 6 months:
2/- damage reduction (stacks with any other DR)
Senses become dulled, pain threshold increases and pleasure decreases.

After 1 year:
player gains the Undeath template


Corpse Dust

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