Twelve Signs

Heed mortals
That which was eternal is no more
The light of worlds is scattered, the time of stars is neigh
Hear the last the light shall impart
There shall be twelve Signs
and these signs shall herald echoes of the light
The heroes of the age shall witness and defend

Disharmony until the stars come
Perfect flaws
Twenty gems
Return of the Night
Heavens meet the earth
Black Light
Dance of ancestors
Broken sky
A great swarm
Unstoppable force
The great flood

These are the final words of God to his creations. No one knows what happened, but God is dead, and now the world must deal with the consequences.

About the game

Twelves Signs is a custom D&D setting put together for a group of friends to play on Friday nights. The game has been running for about 2 years now with short hiatus’ here and there. The game is played locally and does not need players at this time.


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